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Sarah O.

Sarah Ostrander reviewed Auto Outlet — 5 star Yesterday at 1:44pm · Facebook Always quick to call back and 100% of the time has diagnosed and fixed the problems. Its awesome having someone i can trust to keep my car safe and on the road.

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The changing colors of coolant. It used to be quite simple, coolant was green. Now there is green, dark green, orange, pink, yellow, red and even blue. What does it all mean? That’s a good question since there isn’t really a standardization yet. The green is still the same ethylene glycol but the others are propylene glycol with either organic …

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Whether you are planning to go on vacation with an RV trailer, taking a boat out or just have to haul a trailer to the dump, be prepared. Know what your vehicle is capable of towing and that it is properly equipped for what you plan to do. Consider this, exceeding capacity can cause premature failure of brakes, axle bearings, transmission …

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Under Promise and Over Deliver

Keeping your promise is especially important with new customers that don’t know you or what to expect from you. I find that I am, by default, a “Yes” man. I like to get stuff done and as much as possible. Make hay while the sun is shining, is my motto. If I get as much done now, I’ll have more …

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Sherrie Lynn

Best emergency auto guy around! Quick response to rescue my broke down car. Facebook reviewed Auto Outlet — 5 star March 18, 2015

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Bobby Auvil

Great service, great guy! Only number I’ll call for my auto needs! Facebook reviewed Auto Outlet — 5 star March 18, 2015

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Cindy Buell

We have had the opportunity to utilize Rich’s expertise more than once. He is courteous, prompt, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Our first question in choosing any auto service is that of honesty, but no question here. He replaces only that which is broken. He is undaunted by any problem, persisting until it’s solved. Our daughter was recently quoted $1000 by …