What is it going to cost me?

   That is the biggest question we get. It would be challenging to list the price of every job for every vehicle, so you'll have to let us give you an estimate. That being said, your hourly rate for repair service is $92 per hour. We currently do not charge for travel time and only have a half hour minimum charge.

   To accurately answer the question, we will need some information from you. Give us a call, text or email.



Services we offer

Accessory Installation - interior/exterior, electronic or performance
 Stereo and security with remote functions like starter, open trunk, roll windows up or down, turn on seat heaters or A/C.
Performance upgrades to improve power and handling. Computer mods to raise speed limiter, simple intake and exhaust upgrades, and even superchargers. But don't stop there, we can upgrade brakes and anti-sway bars.
Towing accessories - Don't have a hitch... we can install one. Brake controllers, transmission coolers, mirrors and even 5th wheel/gooseneck hitches.
Anything custom - Lowering/Lifting. AirBags/Hydraulics. Special lighting or motorization.
Electrical - diagnosis and repair
Something just quit working and you're not sure why... We can figure it out.
Popping fuses like M&Ms? We can stop the madness.
Lights acting funny? We are serious about electrical.
Brakes - inspection and service
Do you feel a pulsation in the brake peddle? Let us take it for a test drive.
Does the car pull to the left or right when braking? Let us see if it's brakes or something else.
Making some terrible noises when you try to stop? We can fix that.
Cooling system - service and repairs
Overheating can be caused by many different things. Let us find the problem.
Heater not blowing hot air? Could be clogged heater core.
Radiator hose getting hard as a rock but the radiator cap is cool? Could be a bad water pump.
"Check Engine Light" diagnosis
That annoying light on your dash is on. You could cover it with a piece of black tape... or you could have us find the correct solution.
Many times the light will be triggered by an EVAP code, caused by a loose gas cap. We can scan the code and determine if it's as simple as that or something more complex.