Background | How it Began | Our Guaranty

Up until I turned 15, I was into working on bicycles. Once I turned 15 and bought my first car, that was it, I loved to work on cars. After graduating high school I went to work for Stereo King in Portland in 1987 and have worked on cars professionally ever since. At Stereo King, I was a troubleshooter, I fixed problems. I also built high end car audio systems, but after a while I got into suspension. Lowering, lifting, hydraulics and eventually air bags. I worked for myself for a few years and also got into body modifications like shaved door handles, frenched antennae, convertible tops, suicide doors and anything custom. In 1996, getting tired of struggling on my own, I was asked to help open and run an accessory store in Beaverton, Accessory Outfitters. Here I installed all kinds of accessories like trailer hitches, running boards, auxiliary lighting, winches, etc. In 2000, I opened an accessory store within the Carr Chevrolet dealership. Here I learned much more about the business of automotive parts and service. The business took off and grew like crazy. We were doing audio/video upgrades, performance systems including superchargers and exhaust kits. This is when I became ASE certified in electrical and suspension. In 2006, business started slowing down and I went to work for All American Truck and SUV as an outside sales rep and then store manager. As the economy continued to decline, I switched gears and went to school for massage therapy where I graduated early with honors and was licensed in 2009. I went to work for Massage Envy and worked in a naturopathic clinic. It has been beneficial but I really missed working on cars. I continued to do a little work here and there and that’s where Auto Outlet Mobile Auto Service begins.

How it Began

Founded in 2009, Auto Outlet started as an appointment only service, working out of my home. I specialized in custom accessories and suspension kits but did repairs and service work as well. The business grew into a ministry as I started helping people that couldn’t afford to take their cars to a shop. Working out of my house was not going to work if I kept this up. So I had to find a way to keep my overhead down and be able to provide a quality service at a fair price… and keep a roof over my head. Then my friend Josh told me how much his company paid to have him take his work van to the shop for brakes. The idea was born. If someone could go to the company and service their vehicles on-site, they would save money and improve their productivity. It wasn’t long before I set up a meeting with the fleet manager of Integra Telecommunications. Near the end of 2014, I started servicing the Integra fleet vehicles. I got a trailer and setup shop. Now I tow the shop to the customer. Word started spreading and not only do I service company fleets, I also go to peoples homes and work places to repair and service their vehicles. This is not a roadside emergency service but a convenient way to get a vehicle serviced.

Our Guarantee

We believe in maintenance and fixing what is broken, but “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. With that in mind, we will provide estimates based on observation and inspection and offer our recommendation. We may not see everything and that is why an estimate is an estimate. We strive to keep to our estimates but if we get into a job and find something previously unknown, we will advise you as soon as possible to reassess the situation. Our goal is to provide fair and honest service in the automotive world.